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Rapid Access Lung Lesion Clinic



Conditions that are seen in the clinic

• Cavitating lung lesions
• Suspicious lung mass shown on CT scan
• Pulmonary nodules > 1 cm
• Enlarged mediastinal and/or hilar lymph nodes
• Significant unilateral pleural effusions
• Haemoptysis
• Non – resolving pneumonia

All Lung Cancer patients are reviewed at a Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Meeting (MDT) which is attended by a full range of Lung Cancer experts.  Each patient’s case is discussed, and a consensus is made as to the most appropriate future treatment plan.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Guidelines state that all patients with a diagnosis of Lung Cancer should be discussed at a Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Team meeting. The European Respiratory Society recommend the team consists of a pulmonologist with interest in thoracic oncology, radiologist, histopathologist, clinical nurse specialist, oncologists offering radiotherapy and chemotherapy, palliative care, thoracic surgeon and an administrator.


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